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Country:  Russia
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Игра в кино. Эфир от 5.11.2020 г.
Дела судебные. Новые истории с Еленой Кутьиной. Эфир от 5.11.2020 г.
Дела судебные. Деньги верните с Дмитрием Агрисом. Эфир от 5.11.2020 г.
Дела судебные. Битва за будущее с Алисой Туровой. Эфир от 5.11.2020 г.

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Mir is an inter-state TV and radio company. It was founded in 1992 by an agreement between the heads of member states of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) to cover political, economic and humanitarian cooperation, to form a common information space, and to facilitate the international exchange of information.
The company is an international organization, headquartered in Moscow, with national branches and representative offices in nine countries. MTRK "Mir" includes TV channels "Mir", "Mir 24", radio station "Mir", information and analytical portal MIR24.TV and a multifunctional satellite system "MIR-Teleport".
Mir" TV channel introduces viewers to contemporary life and history of the former Soviet Union, forming cultural, social and economic ties. The basis of the channel's content is information and analytical, informative, entertaining and journalistic programs, including those for children. A significant part of the airtime is devoted to feature films and TV series.

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