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Tevé Ciudad is the leading TV channel in Latin America to watch live TV for free on the Internet. Enjoy the best programming with entertainment, news and current affairs content, all for free, and don't miss the best programming with Tevé Ciudad!
TV Ciudad is a Uruguayan television channel based in Montevideo, the capital of the country. The station broadcasts an open digital signal since 1996, and is owned by the Municipality of Montevideo. This signal covers the department of Montevideo and the agglomeration. In addition, since 2006 it is also possible to watch TV Ciudad on the Internet, free of charge.

TV Ciudad offers a variety of programs, from news, entertainment, culture, sports and more. Every day, the channel broadcasts live programs such as the news program "TV Ciudad Noticias", the talk show "Punto de Encuentro", the movie program "Cine Club" and the sports program "Deporte en Vivo". In addition, the channel also offers special programs such as the cooking program "Cocina Ciudad" and the music program "Música Ciudad".

TV Ciudad also offers the possibility of watching television on the Internet for free. This option allows users to watch live programs, as well as to watch past programs. This option is easy to use and offers a wide variety of programs to watch.

TV Ciudad also offers a variety of interactive content, such as games, quizzes and polls. These interactive contents allow users to interact with the channel and also with other users.

In conclusion, TV Ciudad is an excellent option to watch television in Uruguay. It offers a variety of live programs and interactive content. In addition, it is possible to watch TV on the Internet for free. It is a channel that offers entertainment, news and culture to all Uruguayans.

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