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Experience shopping fun for the whole family with Pearl TV! Watch the live stream and enjoy shopping online. Available in SD, HD and Ultra HD on Astra 19.2 º East satellite and cable networks. Discover the most popular products from the PEARL catalog presented by a friendly team of presenters. Benefit from attractive TV special prices - tune in now! is a popular shopping channel that presents a wide range of products from the PEARL catalog around the clock. Available in SD, HD and Ultra HD via Astra 19.2 º East satellite and cable networks, offers a diverse shopping experience for the whole family.

The presenter team, consisting of Cathy Steiner, Vivien Konsa, Ann-Catherine Kosh, Ralf Janssen and Lutz Herkner, guides viewers through the program in a charming and competent manner. With their likeable manner, they present the latest and most popular products, give valuable tips and advice, and offer special deals at attractive TV special prices.

Whether household items, technology, fashion, jewelry or leisure products - at viewers will find a wide selection of goods from a wide range of categories. The assortment is carefully selected to meet the different needs of customers and to offer a varied shopping experience.

The ability to receive in SD, HD and Ultra HD allows viewers to watch the products in the best picture quality and thus get an accurate picture of what is on offer. Availability on various satellite and cable networks allows a wide audience to receive the channel and enjoy the shopping experience.

As a shopping channel for the whole family, appeals to a diverse audience. From technology enthusiasts to fashionistas to hobby cooks, there are products and interesting offers to suit every taste. is an attractive option for anyone who would like to shop from the comfort of their own home and benefit from the advantages of a TV channel with a wide range of products and attractive special prices. The team of presenters ensures that the products are presented in an entertaining and informative way, creating an appealing shopping experience.

Overall, is a popular shopping platform that delights viewers with its variety of products, likeable presenters and attractive offers. With a wide range of products and a pleasant shopping atmosphere, is an enrichment for the shopping experience on TV.

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