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Parazitii   Omu' din liftu' tau
Parazitii Omu' din liftu' tau
Parazitii   Bagabonti '99
Parazitii Bagabonti '99
Ombladon ft  Raku - Egali din nastere
Ombladon ft Raku - Egali din nastere
Parazitii  Bad Joke
Parazitii Bad Joke
Extra - Ingerasul meu
Extra - Ingerasul meu

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Atomic TV was the first music television launched in Romania in 1999, with Romanian music aimed at an adult audience. The television was a springboard for artists of the time, later known as Atomic Generation artists.

In 2002, Atomic TV K Lumea was hit by a major scandal over the illegal broadcasting of music videos. Atomic was split into TV K Lumea (the station that kept most of the show and most of the graphics) and Atomic (the station restored by the one that won the brand in court).

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