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Parazitii  Bad Joke
Parazitii Bad Joke
Ombladon ft  Raku - Egali din nastere
Ombladon ft Raku - Egali din nastere
Parazitii   Bagabonti '99
Parazitii Bagabonti '99
Parazitii   Omu' din liftu' tau
Parazitii Omu' din liftu' tau
Extra - Ingerasul meu
Extra - Ingerasul meu

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Watch live TV on Atomic TV live! Discover the hottest shows and events in real time, only here. Stay up to date with the latest news, top music and exciting entertainment. Atomic TV brings you the authentic experience of live TV, right to the comfort of your home. Don't miss a second of our varied and vibrant programming - tune in now and enjoy the latest shows and TV moments!
Atomic TV was the first music TV launched in Romania in 1999, bringing Romanian music into the homes of viewers and targeting an adult audience. This television was a launching pad for many artists of the time, who later became known as the artists of the atomic generation.

At a time when music television was a new and unprecedented phenomenon in Romania, Atomic TV managed to establish itself through its diversified programme and the promotion of local music. Viewers could watch live concerts, interviews with artists, theme shows and music charts reflecting the audience's preferences.

Atomic TV quickly became an important source of information about Romanian music and contributed to the popularity of emerging artists. The channel succeeded in bringing talented Romanian bands and singers to the forefront, who later became household names in the music industry. Through Atomic TV, these artists have had the opportunity to promote their music and better connect with their audience.

However, in 2002, Atomic TV was involved in a major scandal related to the illegal broadcasting of music videos. This led to the channel being split into two separate entities - TV K World and Atomic. TV K Lumea kept most of the original show and graphics, while Atomic was restored by the brand's legal winner.

Although the scandal damaged Atomic TV's reputation, it has managed to maintain its audience and make a comeback in the music TV market. TV K World continued to offer its viewers varied music programmes and live broadcasts, while Atomic tried to redefine its image and regain public trust.

Today, Atomic TV remains an important name in the Romanian music TV landscape. With diversified programming and a focus on Romanian music, this channel continues to provide a platform for the promotion of local artists and their music. Viewers can watch live concerts, interviews and thematic shows, thus having access to the latest news in the music industry.

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