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Country:  Turkey
Category: News
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İbrahim Güneş ile “Masada Ne Var?” / Gül-Gürz Mesajı Nasıl Okunmalı? - 28 11 2022
Kahve Molası / Ekonomi Gündemi - 28 11 2022
Günün Manşeti - 28 11 2022
Analiz Sentez / Gündemin Analizi - 28 11 2022

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24 TV is a Turkish national television channel that started broadcasting on January 24, 2007, based in Istanbul, Turkey, as part of TürkMedya, a concessionaire owned by Ethem Sancak.
24 TV, with its slogan "Learn the Truth", fast, impartial, accurate news approach and talented staff, the channel, which includes news programs and life programs that set the agenda and listen to the voice of the nation, started broadcasting on terrestrial, satellite and digital platforms in 2007.
News discussion programs analyzing regional and global events, news viewers are provided with the most special and hottest news and the intense news flow of the agenda with live connections instantly on the screen and on the website.
24 TV News Center's promise to the viewers is to let them know that they can access hot and accurate news at any time with a team that tries to understand and accurately convey the tension of the society; fair, without prejudice, capable of developing different perspectives and with a strong reflex.

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