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Country:  Russia
Category: Local TV
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События. ​(8.12.22)
В областном правительстве прошел учебно-методический сбор сегодня с участием представителей МЧС
В Пензенском колледже информационных и промышленных технологий занимаются благим делом
В Заре готов к сдаче дом для переселенцев из аварийного и ветхого жилья

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TV and radio company "Express" has been broadcasting in the Penza region for over 20 years.
"Express" - understandable, because native. The slogan is the main promise that the channel gives to the viewer. The TV channel can be called native not only because it informs the inhabitants of the Penza region about local events, but also because Express focuses on regional features: the opinions of experienced compatriots, cultural and historical events. "Express" promises the audience to talk only about topics that concern the residents of the Penza region.

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