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Lenta TV channel
Country:  Russia
Category: Local TV
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Новости города Артема от 08.12.2022
Погода на 08.12.2022
Гороскоп на 08.12.2022
Новости города Артема от 07.12.2022

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Lenta TV channel is Artyom's city TV channel with round-the-clock own broadcasting, which began broadcasting on August 1, 2020. The channel airs city news, films, cartoons, series, educational programs and reality shows. The audience is the city of Artyom and the surrounding villages: Artyomovsky, Zavodskoy, Uglovoe, Knevichi, Trudovoye, Sadgorod, etc., part of the Nadezhdensky and Shkotovsky districts. .. Advertising service "Artyom-TV" - real professionals in the production and placement of video advertising! We will select the most effective and most profitable option for the manufacture or placement of advertising, taking into account the individual needs, wishes and capabilities of each client!
We work for the benefit of your business! We are always ready for cooperation! The key to our success is our loyal customers who come back and recommend us!

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