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Загир Исянчурин - Ағиҙелдән китеп барам (#Башкирскоекараоке | #Башҡортсакараоке)
МС БАШ - Мин осам (Башкирское караоке | Башҡортса караоке)
"АП-АСЫҠ" - Луиза Фархшатова менән интервью!
"АП-АСЫҠ" - Мөнир Ҡунафин менән интервью.

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Kurai-TV Live Stream

"Kurai-TV" - a music and entertainment channel that promotes the Bashkir culture, history, spirituality, traditions, through the musical world, causing aesthetic taste in recipients. "Kurai-TV" has the status of a family channel, because it is the only Bashkir channel in the world with a 24/7 broadcast network. The main target group is viewers aged 16 and over.
The channel started broadcasting in 2009. It was based on the musical program "Magic Kurai", which aired on the TV channel "BST".
Limited Liability Company "Kurai TV" was registered in 2012. Belongs to TRK Bashkortostan LLC

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