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Tochka TV
Country:  Russia
Category: Entertainment
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«ТОЧКА ТВ» выступил информационным партнёром футбольного турнира «Ты в игре!»
Всем обо всем: Стас Ваксман
Всем обо всем: Александра Елисеева
Всем обо всем: Ангелина Собянина

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Tochka TV for the whole family! Point TV is an entertainment and educational television channel. Questions of leisure, recreation and knowledge of the world have always been and will always be relevant. And in our air there are old movies and TV series that you haven't watched for a long time, but dreamed about it, and absolutely new, both domestic and foreign production. Tochka TV cares about your good mood, so in the morning live broadcast of the channel watch the author's program of psychotherapist Natalia Tolstaya "The Point of Positivity. She easily turns any negative situation into a positive one. In the evening online broadcast of the Tochka TV channel watch the international culinary show about dishes from around the world "Bon Appetit" and the TV project "Aquarium. The aquatic world behind the glass," in which you will literally plunge into the life and work of the aquarium on the shores of South Atherika.
Over the weekend, the program schedule of the Tochka TV channel will delight movie buffs with live broadcasts of the latest movie premieres. Watch also educational programs "Your Money", "Russian Herbarium", "In Your Own Way" and many other entertaining and no less useful shows. Online viewing of the Tochka TV channel will bestow you with knowledge from various fields and make you an interesting multifaceted person.

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