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TV channel Food - (Eda TV)
Country:  Russia
Category: Lifestyle
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Кухня по заявкам | Суп харчо без грецких орехов. Харчо с грецкими орехами | Илья Лазерсон
Кухня по заявкам | Кулебяка из потрохов с яйцами. Судак в помидорах с грибами | Илья Лазерсон
Сытный пирог с ветчиной и сыром | Дежурный пекарь
Кухня по заявкам | Лапшевник. Фидейа | Илья Лазерсон

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TV channel Food - (Eda TV) Live Stream

Every day on TV channel Food| (Eda TV) only food in all its foreshortenings. We cook, serve, eat, in general, we do everything to make life seem tastier and more beautiful. The TV channel Eda is a step towards the development of gastronomic tradition in Russia. This is a TV channel for those who cannot imagine life without food and know how to enjoy it. Every day on the Eda TV channel, famous chefs and charismatic presenters cook, serve, taste, in general, they do everything to make life seem richer and more interesting.
"Food" is a round-the-clock culinary TV channel for gourmets, novice experimenters and those for whom cooking is a forced necessity.
With the TV channel "Food" it is easy and convenient to find new recipes and learn to cook with professional chefs.
We have recipes for any occasion: a casual lunch or a romantic dinner, morning coffee or breakfast in bed, a festive buffet or a party, a picnic or a holiday for children.

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