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Sochi Live
Country:  Russia
Category: Lifestyle
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Ресторанная афиша News. Выпуск №12
Ресторанная афиша News. Выпуск №11
Ресторанная афиша News. Выпуск №10
Ресторанная афиша News. Выпуск №9

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Sochi Live Live Stream

Sochi Live - TV channel of life and recreation in Sochi.
Light and relaxing TV format gives viewers inspiration and aesthetic pleasure
A poster of the brightest events and 24-hour stories of beautiful views of Sochi: the expanses of the Caucasian Reserve, the resorts of Krasnaya Polyana and the Imeretinskaya Lowland, historical and architectural monuments, extreme skiing and outdoor activities.
The purpose of the channel is to promote the resort and actively promote domestic tourism in Russia. In the air you will see a poster with the brightest events in the city, a program about the Caucasus regions, the reserves of Krasnaya Polyana and the Imeretinskaya Plain, historical and architectural monuments, extreme skiing and outdoor activities. Broadcasting of the thematic channel about life and recreation in Sochi takes place in the cable and IP networks of all federal and large regional operators, including networks of large resorts, hotel complexes and hotels.

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